We offer a series of workshops to help your team re-imagine communications

We love nothing more than to share our knowledge and tools. Whether your organizations is for profit or not, we would love to bring our workshops to your team to help build capacity.

Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.

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How to create compelling messaging and perfect your elevator pitch

You need to clearly communicate to each of your key audiences. What’s your offer? Why it is important? And why it is different? A messaging framework helps you say it loud and clear.

In this workshop, you will learn a structured process for discovering and defining your unique value proposition. Then you will learn how to draw on your value proposition to create a messaging framework that will serve as the foundation for all future content development and communications.  Finally, you will understand how to create high impact content that draws on your messaging framework.

This workshop includes hands-on exercises.

Creating a future-looking narrative that inspires action inside and outside your organization

When there are different interpretations of what a company stands for, there is danger in generating contradiction and dissonance.

Join us to learn about a revolutionary process for creating an organization’s narrative, a consistent Storyline that increases employee and customer engagement and provides the context for strategic planning.

The Storyline ensures that everyone has a shared vision of the present and the future and are working together to reinvent, restructure or reposition the organization. By focusing on the “why” of strategic planning, the Storyline inspires employees, customers and partners to connect with the purpose of the organization and see themselves in the narrative.

Put your message to work with authentic storytelling

You need content to drive deep engagement with your audience. How? Create content around real people. Through them, and using broad range of story-telling tools, bring your message to life.

Join us to discover the power of storytelling to inspire and drive an audience to action. You will learn the art and science behind storytelling and understand how and why it is applicable to your business. We will explore the wide range of storylines that are available inside and outside your organization and the tools and platforms you can use to deliver them to your audience.

This workshop includes hands-on exercises.

How to create presentations that pack a punch

Combining words and pictures can be the most effective and impactful way to communicate your message to your customers, investors, partners and employees. PowerPoint is, however, only as good as the person using it.

In this interactive workshop, you will see examples of what not to do when creating PowerPoint presentation. Then you will get practical tips on how to create visually powerful presentations – including how to select the best images, how to develop a design theme for the presentation and how to create simple yet effective graphics.

This workshop includes hands-on exercises.

Let’s talk

If you would like to build your team’s messaging, storytelling and presentation-building capacity, please reach out. We can also develop a workshop that is tailored to meet your team’s exact needs.

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How to create compelling messaging and perfect your elevator pitch

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