By Janinne Brunyee

At Boost! Collective, we are committed to the art of storytelling. Why? Because we believe that an engaging story energizes your audience to act. It drives results by providing meaning and purpose to the work of your organization. Our goal, and a mission we take with great commitment, is to combine the key ideas that communicate value with a compelling story to create a truly unique message that will rise above the noise and endure.

Is storytelling simply the latest marketing cliche?

For many marketing teams, storytelling is simply a buzzword. While the idea of storytelling is almost universally appealing and easy to understand, it is not always clear how to implement it within an organizational setting. That is because it doesn’t matter how complex or convoluted an organization and its products/services may be, there is always a human story to be told. In organizational settings, storytelling is always human-centered.

Stories help move your organization forward because they are personal, authentic and compelling. The key to persuading people is by uniting an idea with an emotion. The best way to do that is to tell a compelling story.

What is the return on storytelling?

The return on storytelling is: Did you make a connection? Did people find it valuable enough to share? Did they remember your message? The potential return becomes particular interesting when you consider that stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. When data and story are used together, audiences are moved both emotionally and intellectually.

To get the creative juices flowing, we put together a tiny book that explains why and how your team take take advantage of this invaluable tool to drive deep and authentic engagement with your audiences.

Boost! Collective Storytelling