The Riveter

The story of how two women devised a grand plan to help level the playing field for women


We first met Amy Nelson and Kim Peltola at a workshop we hosted on messaging and storytelling at the end of last year. They told us about this crazy idea they had to start a co-working space for women. A few months later, they called to tell us that their crazy idea had grown a bit (a lot) and that they were ready for us to help them develop their message in time for the launch of the first of 20 planned locations – in Seattle on May 1. This is their story.


The Riveter is founded in a story that women in the workplace know well. We’ve worked hard to break through arbitrary, man-made barriers to claim our seat at the table. In the end, we realized that there was only one way for our voices to be heard, to make a difference and to create the life we want. We had to build a brand new—fundamentally different—table.

That’s The Riveter: an inspired collaborative workspace built by women, for women.

The Riveter



We want to support women to take bigger risks: to write a business plan, to pitch a really smart idea, to raise her first round of venture funding, to launch a company. We’re an ally to every woman, anywhere, and wherever she may find herself in her career. We’ve created a community of support so she can start her second—or third—act. We offer a network of resources so she can come back from years at home raising her children or taking care of others. We are a source of expertise and empowerment so she can off-ramp from her corporate job and on-ramp to her next successful venture, as a freelancer, a small business owner or any role she chooses!

Women are no strangers to hard work and accomplishment. But we’ve paid the price with self-sacrifice and burnout. We’re changing that. Providing women with a great space to work isn’t about ping pong tables and beer kegs. It is about redefining the workplace guided by our fierce conviction that women are strongest when we take care of our minds and our bodies. The Riveter creates a new way to work, integrating wellness into our lives, simply and seamlessly. With yoga and meditation on site, just steps from your desk, we offer the space to breathe, stretch, pause and build self-care into each day.

Yes, we are equal, but we are not the same. And women deserve a place to define success on their own terms.

The Riveter is more than a collaborative workspace, it’s a movement. We aren’t celebrities, we are working mothers. We are not a club, we are a community and we are entrepreneurs in the broadest sense of the term. We own businesses and build brands. We give to good causes with our time, talent and treasure. We manage households and lead our nation’s youth. There is strength in numbers and to truly amplify our voices, we intend to share what we know and who we know. We welcome everyone, including men. We want all to have a place at our table: The Riveter.

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