Whether you are a newly launching startup, an established company or a nonprofit, one of the most important tasks your executive team will face is developing a clear and differentiated message that communicates the value of what you do. It should answer the questions: What, who, how and, most importantly, why?

Without a clearly articulate messaging framework, a single version of the truth, your organization will lack a consistent identity. And, it is likely that when asked what the organization does, each employee will have a different response.

Over the past 10 years, Janinne has developed a highly successful framework for helping organizations craft their message.

  • Story-driven content
  • Strategic Communictaions
  • Media relations

Messaging is nothing without a sense of differentiation, one that can endure.

Discover your value.

It starts with an exploration of the value that you deliver to the specific audience you are trying to reach.  During a 2-hour workshop,  Janinne will help your team define the big idea your organization is working to create. The next step is to systematically uncover the unique value your organization is delivering that allows you to realize this ideal. A review of competitor messaging ensures that your value proposition is differentiated.  Finally, interviews with representatives of the audience you are targeting helps validate key assumptions and ensures that your value proposition aligns with the experience of your audience.


Engage the head and the heart.

As a final step before creating the messaging framework, Janinne works with you team to ensure that your new messaging speaks to the audience at both an intellectual and an emotional level. There is much research that shows that a message is remembered most when it engages both the head and the heart.


Craft your message.

The foundational work completed in the value proposition discovery stage is critical for crafting a value-driven messaging framework.  The messaging framework, usually one or two pages long, is the starting point for all downstream content and communications. It allows your organization to communicate the value of what you do in a consistent way.

At the heart of the framework are three value promises which describe the transformation your organization or product is delivering to this audience. For each, three ways in which you deliver on the promise are described. If you are developing messaging for a product, for example, this will be three features of your product that deliver the promised transformation. For each promise, the messaging framework also identifies the key customer problems that are addressed as well as tangible benefits or results that are delivered.



Great messaging connects the head and the heart to drive action




A review of your current messaging to identify if it aligns with the value you deliver today and how consistently it is applied.


Develop a brand that expresses the value you deliver and positions you in your market. This includes naming, logo development and brand guidelines for a purposeful, consistent expression of your brand.


Research and interview customers to identify the unique value you deliver to each of your industry verticals and develop industry-specific messaging.


Detailed audience profiles to guide content creation and/or product development.

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Jacqueline is a partner at Boost! Collective, a story-driven marketing and communications firm based in Seattle, WA.