We help you discover, create and tell the powerful stories that drive engagement with your audiences

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We help you discover, create and tell the powerful stories that drive engagement with your audiences

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We help you discover, create and tell the powerful stories that drive engagement with your audiences

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“Those who tell stories rule the world.”

Native American Proverb



Boost! Collective: Story-driven marketing and communications

In our short-attention span, content overload world, we work collaboratively to tell the powerful stories that drive deep and meaningful engagement with your audiences. We are nimble and responsive and bring business acumen together with a creative edge for a fully rounded approach to your project.

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What’s your story?


You want a narrative for your organization that will create a shared vision of the present and future


You need to anchor all your communications in a clearly articulated message that communicates your unique value

You want to harness the power of storytelling in all its forms to deliver your message with profound impact

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What’s our story?

Boost! Collective is a small and mighty boutique firm whose partners are masters of the art of human-to-human communications.
We work collectively to give you the entire team’s deep expertise from diverse areas of work to deliver on the maxim: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
We bring business acumen together with a creative edge—left brain meets right brain—for a fully rounded story-driven approach to your project.

A compelling story energizes people to act and helps drive results by providing meaning and purpose to the work of the organization.


How we work together

You have shifting priorities and multiple deadlines.  We’re nimble, responsive and readily poised to provide a light touch or a heavy lift.

You want to fill gaps and strengthen capacity. We align our skills, resources and rich network of subject matter experts to get the job done.

You deserve a personal touch. We focus on relationships, providing engagement with a fully vested member of the firm.

Collective Intelligence


Hans Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world

By Jacqueline Koch Hans Rosling, unlikely storyteller that gave data a soul and a mission Want to understand climate trends, ocean acidification, HIV and the global disease burden, economics or pandemics? Hardly a day goes by without a mention of big data and the...

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The power of an unexpected story to bring ideas to life

By Janinne Brunyee “Over the years, my hair has changed a lot. I’ve done wigs, weaves and pony tails. Because it changed every week, it got to the point where my coworkers didn’t know if my hair was real or fake.” This is how Teresa Schribner, an award-winning media...

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Homelessness in Seattle

Putting a face on one of the region’s greatest challenges By Jacqueline Koch “Without question we are facing one of the greatest epidemics of modern time,” stated Robert M. Bowery, Director of Clinical Services of Seattle’s Compass Housing Alliance (CHA), a non-profit...

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Boost! Collective

Boost! Collective is a Seattle-based story-driven marketing and communications firm.

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